“La Epopeya Numantina” was born as a commission of the Provincial Council of Soria. After several months of hard work it was premiered at the real ruins of the celtiberian civilitation of Numancia, nowadays located in the village of Garray, Soria. The whole piece works as a symphonic poem which represents the story of 20 years of wars. The music describes different kind of episodes, battles, nature scenes, real characters of the time... The combination of music and text, written by the poet Andrés Martín Domínguez, added to the dramatic representation, creates a real atmosphere in which people can feel that they are witnesses of the cruel episodes that took part between Numancia and the Roman Empire.

The piece is divided in 8 contrasting movements that work as a dialogue between the symphonic orchestra, an ensemble and the actors. The last movement is enhanced by the choir, a soloist soprano and 20 percussionists that represent the final scene of the fall of Numancia after 20 years of wars. Around 2000 people came to see this huge performance on August, the 12nd of 2017 and now it may be represented again in 2019. Keep reading the news for more info!

Here you can find some articles and interviews of different newspapers about the whole story of “La Epopeya Numantina”. I really hope you enjoy it and you can feel the honor and courage of the Numantine civilitation.

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